Strategist | Abstract Thinker / Associate Product Manager @AMD


Strategist | Abstract Thinker / Associate Product Manager @AMD

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Hi there, I am Aonushka, welcome to my world! 

I am currently working as an Associate Product Manager at AMD on the Data Center GPU team; while completing my degree in Computer Science and Financial Economics from University of Toronto. Throughout my experience as a student and as a working professional, one thing that has always inspired me is my sheer love for technology, innovation, and business. 

I am extremely passionate about exploring the impact of technology in world through strategic and abstract thinking.I enjoy learning new things – and constantly seeking opportunities to explore ‘more’. Just a highly motivated individual with a knack for engineering management and leadership!

Currently Building 

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Founder | President

University of Toronto
 Product Management Club

As a computer science student, I often found myself enjoying the programming classes but I couldn't stop thinking about the business model underlying the technologies we would be using to learn and question 'why' are we using a certain product over another. 

My natural curiosity towards products and exploring the 'why' behind products created an insatiable need within me to question and look at technological innovation from a strategic and business standpoint. And then, when I finally discovered product management I found myself in love with the perfect combination of technology, business, and strategic decision making that PMs bring together. 

Once I had experience in the role, I wanted to contribute to the community at my university to help other students with a technical background find the same passion and love I found in discovering the intersection of these beautiful fields!
  • Felt a lack of 'product' community at university
  • ​Founded an organization to find the hidden product managers 
  • ​Motivating the next generation of strategic thinkers, innovators, and entrepreneurs
  • ​First Product Management club at the University of Toronto

Product | Enthusiast

Product Maps 

As the interest and curiosity around Product Management increases, I wanted to do my part and contribute to the product community as much as I can. Being a visual learner and thinker, I decided to integrate my love for product management and mind mapping to create 'Product Maps!' 

The Product Maps newsletter aims to be a resource for aspiring product managers and current product managers to rethink product management and create their own journey. I am motivated by inspiring PMs to find their personal voice and strength in their journey to a successful career path in Product Management. 

The posts range from mind-map and visual summaries on book on product management, business, and strategic thinking; resources for entry-level PMs, and how to land a job in product. 
  • Sharing my experience as a product manager
  • ​Through succinct visually appealing mind maps
  • Writing posts on product management and strategic thinking 
  • ​Mapping the path to a successful career in product management for aspiring PMs

Motivated Podcaster

The Unique U 

Built out of the motivation to close the gap and smoothen the transition from university graduation to 'real' world for students; the Unique U podcast aims to encourage students to live a purpose driven and meaningful life after graduation. The show aims to discuss non-conventional topics that seemed to be left out at university and hopes to help students ease into the world. 

I like to talk look at life from a holistic perspective and talk about things such as building a meaningful career, resilience, and more. In the past year, the show has also hosted guests such as Austin Belcak from Cultivated Culture, JT O'Donnell from Work it Daily, and more. 

The show is built to help students feel more than just a number by emphasizing on 'You are Unique'

Favourite Highlights

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World Hackathon Day
Epsylon: 1st Place Winner

"Protecting Those Who Protect Us"

The World Hackathon Day was hosted in the middle of the pandemic - bringing together 1000 teams from over 80 countries to find solutions to the challenges presented by the post COVID-19 world. Over the span of 2 weeks, I collaborated with my team of 4 from across the globe to build out a UVC light powered protective face mask with a guaranteed 99% protection against the COVID bacteria (in comparison to 94% of the current KN-99 mask) for health care workers with the message "Helping those who Help Us"

 On the morning the hackathon concluded, I woke up to my phone ringing and my teammate screaming “We Won, First Place!” from the other side of the phone (and the other corner of the world!) at 6:00 AM; I can say with certainty that this has been the most pleasant message I have ever woken up to! The first position led the Epsylon Mask to earn an enrollment in Microsoft for Startups worth USD $50,000!

Stanford University 
Intensive in Technology and Innovation

"I don't know what I would do without you guys!" ~ Stanford Bestfriend, 2019

In the summer of 2019, I was selected among the top students from across the globe to attend a 4-month Intensive Summer program at Stanford University. There, I took the courses 'Artificial Intelligence' and 'Technology Entrepreneurship' to earn an Intensive Studies certification in Technology and Innovation. 

The Artificial Intelligence course helped me deepen my knowledge of AI algorithms, principles, and techniques. Further, I got the unique opportunity to work on cool projects such as building a Self Driving car program, and an automated optimized class schedule builder for University students.

The Technology Entrepreneurship course was my first introduction to the diverse world of entrepreneurship. The course was lead by leading entrepreneurship influencers, in the heart of Silicon Valley. Additionally, out of the class of 150 students, I was among one of the 12 students hand selected for a invite-only lunch at the Google headquarters! Stanford brought me closer to my dreams of exploring the intersection of technology, entrepreneurship, and strategic thinking!

Speaking Engagements
Representing AMD

"I am amazed by the roles of a PM!" - Attendee, WISE

I love sharing my love for Product Management with others and inspiring students in technology to explore non-traditional roles in the beautiful diverse world of tech! At AMD, I have had the opportunity to represent the company at speaking engagement at various universities to share my experience with the student attendees. I love talk about my experience as a Product Manager at AMD, and how integrate my love for Computer Science, Business, and Strategic Thinking through this wonderful role!

Leading and Learning

"How can I love, lead, and inspire?"


Women In Science and Computing


Girls Who Code

Management Lead

Google Developer Students Club

Teaching Assistant

University of Toronto

Beyond Everything

"What can I do to show up as my best self outside of work?"

 Certified Plant-Based Health Coach

 Currently Reading: Beyond Order by Jordan B. Peterson

 Interviewing Guests for the Unique U Podcast

 Preparing to run a marathon in  June 2021

 Meditating and practising Yoga

Thank You
I deeply appreciate you taking the time to check out my website and investing your time with me. I would absolutely love to get to know you too! So, please feel free to connect with me over any of my social medias and spark a conversation, or book a time with me using the link below to have conversations about product management, technological innovation, and strategy! 

I am looking forward to speaking with you,